The ‘not so secret’ diary of Ed Clark – Episode 9, 21st Birthday.

If you’d have asked me twelve months ago I would never have predicted that I’d spend my 21st birthday at work in Oldham! I had a really nice day; Dayna went a little easy on me and the staff here did a presentation and had a big card ready to surprise/embarrass me on the shop floor. Having been caught off guard I can only say that my speech of “Thank you very much guys” was a measly contribution to a lovely gesture.

The whole event and day made me appreciate how well I have been treated since joining ITL and for that and the opportunities that I have been given this year I am very thankful.

Now onto work! My jobs this month have been very varied with Dayna keeping me on my toes; I have been writing scripts for profile videos that I will be filming this coming month, contributed to organising trade exhibitions for the ITL sales team and writing content to publicise our presence at the exhibitions. I have loved the opportunity to contribute so much content for trade press as writing is something that I really enjoy, it wasn’t too long ago that I seriously considered studying journalism at University (although the random capital letters I tend to put in keeps Dayna on her toes).

I have dabbled in photography this month, helping take product and staff pictures with Joe who does all of our in house photography; having bought my own “proper” camera, I will be taking as many tips as I can from him over the next couple of months.

Toward the end of March I was asked to go to a lecture at University about what I will be doing next year, so this month I have been considering my optional module choices and dissertation titles, which is making the prospect of my last year of study, and ultimately finishing University very real. The nature of my placement this year has seen me move around the company (as some of you may know from previous blogs) I have thoroughly enjoyed every section of the business I have been in which has given me a real dilemma when coming to choosing modules.

For those who are interested, I have chosen International Strategic Marketing and Innovation Management. International Strategic Marketing was ultimately quite an easy choice for me, I have, since starting university enjoyed marketing, but Innovation Management is not something I think I would have chosen had I not done a year here at Innovative Technology. Gaining experiences of new product introductions and learning a little bit about patents for innovative products, and the complexities of these tasks have interested me greatly, and it has inspired me to learn more about it.

So as I move on into the middle of April, I have plenty to look forward to over the last two and a half months, not least the remaining staff nights out that are planned in that time.

(The dissertation title is still in the works)

Edward Clark, Industrial Placement. 15/04/14

Edward Clark