The ‘not so secret’ diary of Ed Clark – Episode 8

For the first time in a little while it has been light by the time I have gotten in to work and I think I can safely say from all of us here at Innovative it has made us all excited for summer.

Now entering my third month in marketing it has been a fantastic experience so far. A lot of my time in the first couple of months has been used preparing materials and communications for the exhibition season at the start of the year.

In my last blog I told you about the writing of marketing materials for our new SMART Ticket product, I have continued to work closely with the engineers that worked on the project meaning I have learnt in a great deal more depth about the functions and applications of SMART Ticket and other products. In previous departments I haven’t gained as much of an insight into the products, so working in marketing is giving me more of an appreciation of the job that the engineers here do.

I have now started working on our next product release which has meant once again spending time with the engineers working on the product to learn about it and produce the required materials. This along with other exciting projects for the careers website is sure to keep me busy for a little while!

Seeing the new building going up has built a positive atmosphere here at the head office and with the days getting brighter now and even a few days of sunshine (very rare I’ve learned for Oldham!) the anticipation for summer and the new office is high.

Edward Clark, Industrial Placement. 12/03/14

Edward Clark