The ‘not so secret’ diary of Ed Clark – Episode 7

January has been a busy start of the year for me; it has been all change with me leaving the Logistics team and joining up with Dayna in Marketing.

The prospect of spending the following months in marketing is an exciting one and one that I hope to learn a lot from. In true ITL style I was thrown straight into the deep end and have now written several articles for different trade magazines and seeing the first of these published a couple of weeks ago was a great feeling!

I was also given the opportunity to write a lot of content for SMART Ticket; our new product which was released at the start of this year at the ICE Gaming Exhibition, which, on a personal level has not only meant learning a lot about the new product but also about the people behind those products. This has been a great experience for me and I will be working on this over the coming months giving me a chance to help build a campaign for a completely new product.

As well as producing Marketing content I have been asked to aid in a Sales project that has occupied a lot of my time in January. This insight into the world of sales is something that I had yet to experience so definitely has added a lot of value for me personally and for the company I hope as well.

With the days getting slightly brighter (unfortunately not any warmer!) I go into the next period of my placement excitedly and relishing the opportunity to learn about the processes and practices that ITL use in Marketing their products.

Edward Clark, Industrial Placement. 19/02/14

Edward Clark