The ‘not so secret’ diary of Ed Clark – Episode 6, Happy New Year!

Whilst welcoming in the New Year I have entered into the second half of my 12 month work placement here at ITL.

December marked the end of my time with Bernie and Karen in Logistics. At the start of my 3 month logistics placement I was given a project that required me to learn a great deal about the intricacies of plastic purchasing and moulding.  This area of business is something that I haven’t come across in previous work or at University and has provided me with a lot of challenges throughout the three months. At the risk of sounding cheesy, the challenges that I faced with this project,  have made it a very rewarding few months, that I have gained an awful lot from – not least my trip to China. Seeing the industry and the different ways people work in such a unique environment.

While conducting my report for the logistics team I was able to explore many different business practices ranging from consignment, to optimal buying quantities, all of which have given me a very valuable and rounded overview of purchasing and logistics.  Alongside doing my report into the plastic supply chain I have also experienced inventory control and management which provided a real insight into the challenges of materials management and distribution, as well as my first experience of a yearend stocktake!

I now look forward to spending the next 6 months of my time here at ITL in Marketing with Dayna and working closely with the sales & marketing department to get a thorough understanding of this area of business in the remaining months of my placement.

Edward Clark, Industrial Placement. 13/01/14

Edward Clark