The ‘not so secret’ diary of Ed Clark – Episode 4

With my impending trip to China looming in the very near future, most of this month’s tasks have been geared toward the work that I will be doing there.

While seeking solutions to the problems that I have faced in my project, I have somewhat stumbled apologetically into the confusing world of hedging plastic resins! Now, seemingly grasping the concepts involved, I am excited about furthering my work and knowledge in this field. Trading had not been something that I had thought would arise during my time in logistics or for that matter, ITL.

To have picked up and learnt the principles of hedging has meant going much more in depth into economics and trading than I had previously gone into at university, which is something I feel could be beneficial when continuing into my final year at university and onto my future career.

This month has also seen me get the opportunity to liaise with current and potential future suppliers regarding our purchasing. The art of professional communications is something that most often, people take for granted, but this being my first principle contact with other professional organisations; it is something that I have felt obliged to really think about. With the majority of my counterparts being from china, it is highly important that communications are clear. This is experience that is hard to come by when outside of the corporate environment, so has been an important factor in my development.

On a side-note, the dark mornings are getting no easier to deal with, especially with the addition of the cold, rainy weather that accompanies it!

Upon the conclusion of this month, the talk of the office has been the Christmas party, which serves a disturbing reminder that it will mark the half way stage of my work placement with ITL. I can’t quite get over how quickly my time here with ITL is going, the amount I have learned in a relatively short space of time can only be credited to all of the people that I have worked with here and have taken time out to help me. I think, come the end of my time with ITL next July I will owe big thanks to a lot of people here.

Edward Clark, Industrial Placement. 01/11/13

Edward Clark, Industrial Placement