The Graduate Adventure – The final edition

For the last twelve months we have been following three graduates Mia, Jean Gilbert and Michael, gaining an insight into their working lives at ITL. In this, the final instalment of the graduate blog, they have all reached the end of their first year – find out what they have been up to recently and how they have found their first year at work.

I have now passed my one year milestone at ITL and can safely say, my first year out of uni and in a ‘proper’ job has been really enjoyable and has given me a real insight into the world of work.

Since my last blog in April, I have been especially busy helping to arrange the opening of our new head office building and our TITO events alongside ITL’s subsidiary, InnoPrint.

We have been in our new building in Oldham since October and held an official opening on 12th June where we were joined by colleagues from our European offices.

The day of celebrations was fun filled, activities began at 12 with a short speech and the official unveiling of the plaque (which I designed and had made) by our Founder and Chairman, David Bellis MBE. Once the official opening had taken place, over 150 of us enjoyed a buffet in our new canteen and after work at 2, a football match took place. The UK vs Rest of the World match was entertaining to say the least and I managed to put my new photography skills to good use. Unfortunately Dayna and I had to leave early to set up for the evening party, although I was happy to leave before the ROTW team became victorious.

The evening party was held at the Victoria Hotel, not far from work and was a great night. As ITL requires many specialist roles, our colleagues come from far and wide so it’s not very often that we have the chance to socialise outside of the work environment and I for one really enjoyed this aspect of the evening. It was also a nice touch for Aidan to give Dayna and I a special thank you for all of our efforts to make the day such a huge success.

Since the opening celebrations, my main focus was the TITO events, held at our offices in Oldham and Milton Keynes to raise awareness of our subsidiary, InnoPrint. As with any event, there was a lot of planning to ensure everything went perfectly to plan and all of the delegates left feeling enthusiastic about InnoPrint and its products.

I was heavily involved in the events, designing adverts and pull up banners, creating and sending emails to delegates, ordering products for demonstrations, designing the layout of the event, ensuring everyone was well fed and being on hand to assist all of the delegates. For the first time since joining ITL I was allowed to travel and I went to our Milton Keynes office, helping the InnoPrint team to set up and ensure everything ran smoothly.  I enjoyed the travel as it gave me the opportunity to get to know all of the InnoPrint team who I don’t see on a daily basis.  All in all, I think the events were really successful and I believe that we achieved everything that we set out to by holding the events.

As you can see I have spoken a little more than usual, or than I should in a blog but the past month or so has been incredibly busy and I’ve only been able to tell you about two aspects.

Reflecting on my first year at ITL I would say, joining straight from uni was slightly daunting as most people had been with the company a while or had previous experience but everyone is always friendly and willing to help with anything that I might not have understood. I have thoroughly enjoyed this past year and am looking forward to many more with ITL, continuing to challenge myself and broaden my learnings.


Mia Harding, Graduate Marketing Assisstant


Time goes so fast! I can’t believe it’s a year since I joined ITL!

I have enjoyed every day of the past 12 months since joining the company; learning our products, improving my skills, overcoming challenges, getting to know the people I have been working with, and not forgetting, enjoying all the after work events organised by the company!

The past three months have been my busiest time here as I’ve been working on various projects; still working with my previous project team as well as my new. The project was in the early stages when it was handed over to me. This has been an interesting challenge, with lots of features quite new to me; hence I have had to research and seek guidance from senior members of the electronics team.

I’ve just completed a circuit diagram and board layout; samples boards have also been ordered. As these can take between two to three weeks to arrive, I’ll be going back to my previous project to assist in testing the revised issue of the motor controller board. The board has to undergo various testing stages before it can be approved and released.

I’m really satisfied with the progress I have made during this past 12 months with the company, and am looking forward to many new challenges in the months to come.


Jean Gilbert Nzeye, Graduate Electronics Design Engineer


I have been continuing work on a new project and will soon be working with Gilbert to introduce electronics to provide sensing and control capabilities to the prototype I’ve constructed.

My first year at ITL has provided experience in designing for mass production.  The products ITL make are primarily injection moulded, this method of manufacturing requires specific design features to ensure the parts can be made as specified.

The assembly process must also be considered when designing parts and where possible screws are replaced with features on the plastic moulded part itself.  Removing screws from an assembly saves on parts and time.

I started at ITL with knowledge of, but no experience of designing for this manufacturing process. I have learnt enough to propose modifications to moulds and to design entirely new plastic mouldings.

Regarding the new project, I am looking forward to getting the prototype tested and moulded parts manufactured in the near future.

Last month was also a good month for the social side of ITL as I was invited to my first official ITL party. I am led to believe that they try to have one a year but I missed out on the one last year by a week or so. Table seating is pre-arranged to allow everyone to mix; I was sat with some of the InnoPrint team, two ladies from the shop floor and two colleagues from Germany. I really enjoyed the night and am looking forward to the next one already!


Michael Tilson, Graduate Design Engineer