The Graduate Adventure – Part 3


This blog continues to follow three graduates through their first year at ITL, now six months in Mia, Gilbert and Michael will give you an insight into their working life since their last blog in December.

The past three months have been my busiest yet with ITL, having come back from the Christmas break and going straight into our biggest exhibitions of the year.

As I have not been with the company long, I had to make the long journey to London and back in a day, which was very tiring but it was great to see the exhibition and our stand. Prior to EAG and ICE I did not really know what the exhibitions would hold as I have never had any experience in the industry, although I think visiting the exhibition will prove incredibly beneficial to me for future plans and stand designs.

2015 is our busiest year to date events wise exhibiting in London, Dublin, Madrid, Moscow and Shanghai to name but a few. So much effort and organisation goes into EAG and ICE, it is great to be able to redistribute elements to be used again during other shows. This proved to be quite a challenging task as we have numerous shows in different countries at a similar time. Although Dayna and I do not attend exhibitions in other countries, fingers crossed this might be in the pipeline in the future!

As I explained in my previous blog, I designed the stand graphics for our main shows with the help of Dayna, and I have since designed shell scheme posters and pull up banners for use at exhibitions and by the sales team. With a lot of my work being used around the globe by our other offices, I don’t always get to see the end results so it was great to actually see something that I designed at the London exhibitions that I was able to attend.

Dayna and I regularly receive requests for images; these can be all kinds of images, ranging from products to staff and even building photos. As a photographer’s time is quite costly and the time between the request and having the final image can sometimes be weeks apart, I enrolled on a photography course and bought a camera. The course I attended was for beginners as I had never taken a photo on a professional camera before; I enjoyed the day and learned loads and have even booked on for a Photoshop course next! It is great to receive support and encouragement and learn new skills.


Mia Harding, Graduate Marketing Assistant


Following on from my last blog back in December, my Product Development Team has completed the circuit layout of the next generation banknote validator and samples boards ordered before the Christmas shutdown.

Since January, the team has been working hard in all areas of the project; from mechanical adjustment, software development and sample board testing. I have been assisting in testing various functionalities of the product; making modifications where required and recording all of the changes made so they can be traced back later.

In parallel with the current project, I have been assisting with testing for CE accreditation of some of our products, by taking them to the testing laboratories for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Product Safety Assessment testing. I have never been a part of the product testing process before and I am really enjoying this new challenge.

I have also been introduced to what will be my next project once the current one is complete; therefore I have been using my spare time doing some research related to this future project.

I am very well settled at ITL now, confident and happy with my job. I am looking forward to getting started on my next project and will be updating my blog in the next few months with how it is going.


Jean Gilbert Nzeye, Graduate Electronics Design Engineer


Since my last post supporting the operations team, I am now firmly back in my development role and have been assigned to a brand new project that will ultimately see the release of a new product.

I have attended meetings with the Development Managers to gain an understanding of the product and an overview of the typical specification required. The aim of this project is to achieve the high payout speed set out in the specification. After initial experimentation with the existing design, work quickly began on creating a prototype with a new drive mechanism; the prototype provided a significant increase in speed and initial testing exceeded all expectations.

I have been working closely with a Lead Mechanical Design Engineer and it has been very useful to be able to discuss ideas and hear numerous opinions on how problems might be overcome.

I am really enjoying the new challenge so far and can see myself developing both my skills and knowledge. In my next blog I will let you know how the product is evolving and my participation during its development.


Michael Tilson, Graduate Design Engineer