ITL Resourcing – Opportunities for our Future Generation

As a company we have grown exponentially over the last decade, now employing over 375 people worldwide. We have a dedicated People & Resourcing Team based at our UK Head Office recruiting and nurturing talent and looking after staff wellbeing. Lydia Makin, People & Resourcing Executive gives us an overview of her resourcing activities over the last 12 months and an insight into the opportunities that we offer students here at ITL….

I joined ITL in September 2016 to look for future talent, working with local universities and schools to promote ITL and offering summer work experience, Year in Industry (YII) placements and new graduate positions. In 2017 we provided work placements to 18 students in total, 6 summer interns, 6 YII Placements and 6 summer work experience.

Careers Fairs

Over the last 12 months I’ve attended multiple careers fairs, at universities up and down the country, representing the company and outlining our job opportunities. We’ve had a busy year and the team have met over 700 STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) students looking for either summer internships, Year in Industry (YII) or graduate opportunities. In addition, we’ve also attended local colleges and schools meeting students in their final year giving them an insight into who we are and the career opportunities that we have to offer.

The student events are always valuable; after all students are our future and being able to meet with them directly is a great way to gain their interest at the early stages. Being a multi-discipline engineering organisation, we need to stay ahead of the game to manage the national skill shortages in the engineering field. In a recent statistic report from EngineeringUK, in the North West, the annual increase in the number of engineering companies is up by 6%, so getting our brand out amongst the competition to inspire and encourage students is an essential part of our business and something we enjoy being part of.

Internships & Year in Industry Placements

We offer excellent work experience opportunities for students such as summer internships, one-year placements and summer work experience opportunities. Giving students the commercial experience and ability to put into practice the theory they have learnt during their studies is an excellent opportunity for them. All students, whether they are here on a three-month summer internship or a Year in Industry position, are given the chance to use their academic skills in a work environment and contribute to real projects. For most it gives them a steady appreciation of the transition from academia to employment, and provides them with an understanding of what career path they’d like to take.  I suppose our summer internship and YII are like an extended interview! We have had some great successes over the past few years and have even given permanent employment positions to a couple of our graduates in our research & development departments.

In 2017 alone, we gave industry opportunities to 18 students in total. From a business point of view, it is very important to us as a company as we get to understand what the universities are doing to get our next generation up to speed and obtain in-depth knowledge of the subjects they are covering. It allows us to have a fresh perspective on activities we are doing, whether there’s an opportunity we are missing or areas we could look to review. Above all, it enables us to gain feedback from students that are growing up with technology that is shaping our industry whilst at the same time it helps us promote our brand to the wider student community.

For our graduates, we do not offer a scheme – you are given roles and responsibilities from day one. Our opportunities allow graduates to be able to have a sense of achievement by being accountable for their own project or be a part of a project team, where they are responsible for setting their own goals in terms of what they want to set out to achieve to meet the specified project deadline.

New ITL Resourcing Twitter Account

The ITL Resourcing Twitter account is a new venture for the team as social media has always been captured by our marketing department. We wanted to create a dedicated ‘careers’ presence on social media providing our followers with new vacancies, updates and best practice, linking with all of the local universities STEM institutes and Tomorrow Engineers. Follow us on Twitter @ItlResourcing

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