ITL Asia Pacific one year on!

The last year has gone by so fast. Since joining ITL last August life has been very busy in the Asia Pacific office. It has been exciting to take the lead in the start-up phase of our business growth in the region. We are currently focused across all channels of our business and each day continues to bring us new opportunities and challenges.

For those that don’t know the geographic territory classified as Asia Pacific, it covers Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the rest of Asia (excluding India & China) so we do a lot of travelling. With a population base of over 600 million people, the Asia Pacific territory holds huge opportunity for any business willing to invest time and energy.


I am very fortunate to hold the position that I do. I am, to many, the face of ITL out in Asia Pacific, but I have a strong global team behind me.  I remind myself frequently that without the help of my colleagues it would be impossible to do my job.

When I was asked to write about what’s happening in our part of the world I was enthusiastic to report back! We are working hard to tell everyone the ITL story, our global colleagues and showing the innovative products that we can offer.


We have established our Asia Pacific Head Quarters in Brisbane Australia, which is a good geographic location providing excellent access to all markets (take a look at the office above).

Like many people on a typical day I have to complete various administrative duties to clear my messages/emails/leads and follow-up on customer visits. With travelling so much I have to plan my day, week and month with future meetings and appointments.

I get to talk with many people from different backgrounds from a small vending guy to CEO’s. Painting a picture of the great range of products delivered by a very passionate team of people.  My role takes me to many places in our region – some not so idealistic and then some places that I wish I could stay a lot longer.

As I write this I’m in Cambodia for 3 days which is still very much a third world country. My first trip here was back in 2006, and I myself can see the country has improved massively in terms of investment and development.

With a scarred history like Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos are now emerging as a must do on the business calendars of many corporations wanting to expand in South East Asia, with huge investment over recent years, they even have a Rolls Royce showroom here now a taxi driver proudly told me.

Like much of Asia, technology, investment and growth is coming to these regions so the timing of the Asia Pacific office for ITL to get into these important markets was spot on.

We have lots of good projects on the horizon that we are actively striving to secure, if successful these opportunities offer our company more than immediate revenue – they will open up broader opportunities within the markets we service. ITL has been very well received with a solid portfolio of products to offer and is well suited to these markets. NV200, SMART Payout and SMART Ticket, to name a few, are all making solid inroads into a variety of applications and continue to impress potential customers at every meeting.

We have established a number of new business relationships and Trading Partners in many countries, in particular Thailand, The Philippines, New Zealand and Vietnam and have strengthened existing relationships. We are continuing to grow our activity through our proven model of business and are more easily accessible to this side of the world and the different time zones.

Recently we had Andy Bassam (Customer Support Manager) visit our shores in Australia so we could attend a number of key meetings together. Andy picked the coldest month to visit and was seen, to many peoples horror, walking around Sydney and Melbourne in his short sleeves while the rest of the country braced against the cold 14 degree chill!

It was great having Andy here and the technical support that he was able to provide. To better service the region we have recently appointed a dedicated Customer Support Engineer for Asia Pacific, Mark Chui who you can read more about here.

Thanks for all the support in year one!



Kerry Cowan

Kerry Cowan, Sales Director Asia Pacific. 15/09/2015