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The Story of David Bellis MBE. Part 4. The Mint Advisor

Posted on November 20, 2014

Previously we have spoken about David Bellis’ education and early career, prior to the conception of what eventually became Coin Controls. In 1969, a new 50p coin was released to the nation with no form of external consultation. It seemed that the design on the face of the coin was the most important aspect to […]


The story of David Bellis MBE. Part 3. PAD Automation —> Coin Controls

Posted on November 13, 2014

In our two earlier pieces we have spoken about David Bellis’ early days and the conception of P.A.D Automation, David had moved into making not only payouts but coin hoppers and coin testers for the expanding amusement business. David’s business was going from strength to strength, and in 1968 he met his future partners Norman […]


The story of David Bellis MBE. Part 2. ‘Coin Payout’ – where it all began

Posted on November 06, 2014

The first edition of our David Bellis MBE blog has told of his colourful education and the story of his increasing interest in the world of engineering. Having safely returned home from National Service and with experience in both mechanical and electrical engineering, David moved back to Northern England, Yorkshire to be more precise, where […]


The story of David Bellis MBE. Part 1

Posted on October 30, 2014

David Bellis produced his first coin handling solution in 1964 and now, fifty years on he is still going strong as Chairman of Innovative Technology making cash handling solutions. We at ITL thought it a fitting tribute to look back on what has been and we hope will continue to be an amazing career for […]